HP ENVY 14-1196ea HP Beats Edition Notebook PC

In the dense, boggy wilderness that makes up the world of laptops, there are many pitfalls, traps and quicksand patches. One way to avoid them is the hp Beats, a high water mark in consumer computing, and getting higher all the time.

Its alright for the techie in the office, he knows which PC to buy and which to avoid, but what about those of us who just want a laptop computer to make our lives a little easier?

An hp Envy is high performance, but won’t break the bank as much as some notebooks, and is useful for tasks such as checking emails, writing and storing data as well as pretty much anything else your desktop can do. An HP Beats is an ideal holiday companion, a travel lifesaver and a liberating computing experience.

The key hp Envy selling point is that its neat, compact and a great little runner. If it’s a hot day and you feel like sitting in the garden with a cool drink by your side as you check your Facebook, then your hp beats can go with you. Fancy that cup of tea during a Skype chat? No problem at all. (Just to be clear, your hp Envy doesn’t know how to actually make tea. Its not that good).

So, when lost in the panoptic cornucopia of deals, price comparisons, lying salespeople and conflicting reviews, the light at the end of the tunnel may be an hp Envy.

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